On May 15, 2015 Zambia’s Minister of Tourism and Arts, the Honorable Jean Kapata, announced Leopard hunting is now open in the country of Zambia. It had been a long two years and five months since the closure of hunting the Big Cats in Zambia. We have Leopard quota available for this season (May-November) effective immediately. Contact Wes for details today!

No one in the United States has more “on the ground” experience in the country of Zambia than Wes Hixon does. Wes and Peter Chipman have been working together since 1997; having spent more than 400 days in the field together hunting and filming numerous television shows and two highly successful videos: “Through the Cross Hairs: A World Class Zambian Safari” and “In the Jaws of Simba” where on July 4, 1999 they were attacked by a Lion, an experience that both Wes and Peter will never forget.

Since starting together in 1997 many positive changes have taken place. Without a doubt the most positive was when Peter, Sarge and Zaeed joined together and formed an aggressive business relationship. Consequently, at this time we are very fortunate to have access to nine (9) different hunting concessions, allowing our guests the ability to hunt every species of game on licensed quota in the country of Zambia.

Here is a brief description of each area:

Lower Lupande Game Management Area (G.M.A.) – Located in the South Luangwa Valley sharing approximately 70 kilometers of boundary with the South Luangwa National Park and the Luangwa River. This area is reached by road and by plane. The preferred method of travel to reach Lower Lupande is by daily commercial flights from Lusaka to MFuwe Airport. This is a one hour flight and costs approximately $600.00 per person round trip (price is subject to change). It’s a short drive from the MFuwe Airport to the camp. Lower Lupande is an excellent dangerous game area with excellent populations of Cape Buffalo, Crocodile, Elephant, Hippo, Leopard and Lion. Plainsgame most often encountered here are Baboon, Burchell’s Zebra, Chobe Bushbuck, Common Waterbuck, Duiker, Grysbok, Hyena, Impala, Klipspringer, Kudu, Steenbok, Vervet Monkey and Warthog. View trophy photos above and additional camp photos below.

Mwanya G.M.A. – Mwanya, pronounced “Wanya,” is north of Lupande in the Luangwa Valley. This area shares its west boundary with the South Luangwa National Park and its east boundary with the Lukusuzi National Park, encompassing approximately 1,500 square kilometers. This area can be reached by road and by plane. The preferred method of travel to/from Mwanya is by daily commercial flights from Lusaka to the MFuwe Airport. This is a one hour flight and costs approximately $600.00 per person round trip (price is subject to change). Mwanya is an excellent dangerous game area with Buffalo and Leopard populations, it has a very impressive Plains Game population as well. Animals found here include Burchell’s Zebra, Chobe Bushbuck, Cape Buffalo, Common Waterbuck, Cookson Wildebeest, Crocodile, Duiker, Elephant, Grysbok, Hippo, Hyena, Imapala, Kudu, Leopard, Lichtenstein’s Hartebeast, Lion, Livingstone Eland, Puku, Roan, Steenbok and Warthog. View trophy photos above and additional camp photos below.

MuFunta Area: Sable Heaven – This giant area of approximately 2, 200 square kilometers is located in the far west of Zambia. We often refer to it as the “wild, wild west” with its Eastern boundary bordering the Kafue National Park, its Northern boundary being Kasowso Busanga G.M.A. and its Southern boundary being Bill Bill and Mulobezi G.M.A.’s. Wes’ thoughts and reflections, “This is my favorite part of the country of Zambia. I love the Miombo Woodlands and long grass here, the cold, frosty mornings of June, July and August while spotting and stalking the game you pursue. Without a doubt, the Sable hunting here is world class. I have personally taken Sable here measuring up to 48.5 inches!” In addition to world class Sable, the following animals live here in good to excellent numbers: Bushpig, Civet Cat, Common Duiker, Grysbok, Kudu, Leopard, Lion, Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest, Oribi, Common Reedbuck, Roan and Warthog. The following animals are hunted here; however, encountered less frequently: Bushbuck, Cape Buffalo, Impala and Livingstone Eland. We have a beautiful tented safari camp with three guest tents, each having there own en-suite bathrooms with showers, toilets and sinks. Electricity is generated and solar panels, with all walk ways and tent front porches having oil lanterns. The best way to reach camp from Lusaka is by driving. It’s a 7 hour trip through some of the most beautiful, scenic, game rich country Africa has to offer, crossing the Kafue River and the Kafue National Park. View trophy photos above and camp photos below.

West Petauke G.M.A. – Located in the Southern tip of the Luangwa Valley, encompassing more than 1,000 square kilometers with its Eastern boundary being much of the Luangwa River. The following species of animals are encountered here: Cape Buffalo, Chobe Bushbuck, Crocodile, Duiker, Elephant, Grysbok, Hyena, Hartebeest, Hippo, Impala, Kudu, Leopard, Lion, Puku, Roan, Waterbuck and Warthog. The main camp is built on the banks of the Luangwa River with a pretty view that keeps our guests entertained while enjoying watching lots of game come down to the river and drink. Here the camp is traditional thatch, very similar to the old safari days. However it offers showers, toilets, clean sheets, towels, daily laundry service, excellent meals, gas, electricity, WiFi and more. The area can be reached by vehicle, approximately 7 hours drive from Lusaka, or by private air charter. The cost for these services are quoted upon booking your safari. View trophy photos above and camp photos below.

Crossing the river by ferry in front of camp!

Nyakolwe Game Reserve – This private hunting area is approximately 550 square kilometers in size. Located in the Luangwa Valley bordering the Southern boundary of the South Luangwa National Park, the Chisomo Game Management Area, the Luangwa River and the Muchinga Escarpment. We have two camps in this area: Nyala Camp and the Rehana Camp. Game hunted here: Baboon, Burchell’s Zebra, Cape Buffalo, Chobe Bushbuck, Civet Cat, Common Waterbuck, Common Duiker, Crocodile, Elephant, Hippo, Hyena, Impala, Klipspringer, Kudu, Leopard, Lion, Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest, Puku, Roan, Vervet Monkey and Warthog. This area can be reached by driving approximately 7.5 hours from Lusaka or by private air charter (both priced upon request). View trophy photos above and additional camp photos below.

Illinda Area: Sitatunga and Sable – This area is approximately 110,000 acres in size and located in the Northwest of Zambia along the west boundary of the Kafue National Park. Also joining Kasowso Busanga and Lunga Busanga G.M.A.’s. The two strong points of this area are Zambezi Sitatunga and Sable. Also found here are Bushpig, Bushbuck, Duiker, Grysbok, Kudu, Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest, Oribi and Warthog. The camp can be reached by driving approximately 8 hours from Lusaka or a 1 hour charter flight that lands 40 minutes from the camp. The camp is remote yet clean and comfortable; sleep in the sheets, hot showers, good food and service that includes your laundry, washed and ironed daily. Again, this is one of the few places where you can combine Sitatunga and Sable. View trophy photos above and additional camp photos below.

Nyamvu Game Reserve – This private hunting area of approximately 350 square kilometers is located in the Luangwa Valley neighboring West Petauke G.M.A., the Muchinga Escarpment and the life giving Luangwa River. Considering how remote this area is, the camp is beautiful and fully modern with hot and cold running water, flush toilets, generated and solar electricity, electric and gas refrigerators, WiFi and cellular service. The camp can be reached by private charter flight (current cost quoted on request) or by driving approximately 6.5 hours from Lusaka. Round trip road transfer is approximately $1,000.00 per vehicle. Wes’ thoughts on this area, having hunted and shared safaris with many friends here… “Without a doubt, if I had to pick the strongest selling point of this area it would be Roan Antelope. The only other place I have hunted in Africa where numbers and trophy quality can compare is Cameroon. If you want to see a lot of Roan and have the opportunity to harvest a big Bull Roan, this is as good as it gets. The area also has a good population of Sable and Big Tom Leopards. For some reason these hills always produce some outstanding toms every year. In addition you will also find lots of good Chobe Bushbuck, Greater Kudu, Common Waterbuck, Crocodile and Hippo!” In addition to; Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest, Puku, Zebra, Impala, Civet Cat, Common Duiker, Hyena, Bushpig, Klipspringer, Warthog, Baboon and Vervet Monkey. View trophy photos above and additional camp photos below.

Bangweulu Swamp – Zambezi Sitatunga and Black Lechwe Safaris – These safaris take place in the Bangweulu Game Management Area; most often referred to as the Bangweulu swamp. It is located in North Central Zambia. The reason for traveling to this area is to hunt the Black Lechwe, Zambezi Sitatunga, Tsessebe, Reedbuck and Oribi. This is the only place in Africa that the Black Lechwe is totally wild and free ranging. They number in the thousands. Often the most difficult task is getting a big Lechwe bull separated from the heard for your shot. Sitatunga numbers are very good here as well. These hunts are normally conducted from a machan (elevated blind) at or near the swamps edge. From you machan you will glass the papyrus reeds from day break for the first two hours of the morning and the last two hours of the day trying to locate a trophy class bull feeding or traveling to bed. Also present in the Bangweulu area you will find Tsessebe (many of the top records book heads have been taken in the Bangweulu area), lots of Oribi and good numbers of Reedbuck as well. The camp here is a tent camp with flush toilets and showers. This area is best accessed by charter flight from Lusaka approximately 90 minutes each way, with the approximate cost being $5,000.00 U.S.D.  for the private charter. A safari conducted here normally has the following schedule: Day 1, arrive to camp and hunt that afternoon time permitting, hunt day 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and fly back to Lusaka on day 7. View trophy photos above and camp photos below.

Kafue Flats Lechwe Safaris – Most of these safaris are conducted as follows: Our hunters arrive in Lusaka the afternoon prior to their hunt. Our staff will meet you upon arrival and escort you to the hotel of your choice or the hotel of our office staff’s choice. Early the next morning our professional hunter and his trackers will pick you up and drive you to Lochinvar/The Kafue Flats (the only place on the African continent to hunt Kafue Lechwe.) It’s a hunting experience you will never forget as you normally see hundreds and hundreds of Kafue Lechwe. It’s similar to hunting Antelope in the United States. Like Antelope, it seems Kafue Lechwe have a built-in range finder. Unless you are lucky, you will make multiple stalks until you harvest your trophy Kafue Lechwe. A flat shooting long range rifle makes the task easier. After harvesting your Lechwe you will return to Lusaka that afternoon, overnight and continue your African travels the next day. View trophy photos above.


All camps have hot and cold running water, showers, toilets, gas and electric refrigeration, bottled water, soft drinks, daily laundry service, satellite phones and WiFi in most. However, please remember this is the real untamed, wild Africa and several of these camps are very remote. Your comfort, the success of your safari and your safety are our priorities. *Each photo is labeled with the G.M.A. it is located in*


HuntsDaily RatesConcession FeesDip, Pack & CrateLicensingTotal Cost
21 Days Lion, Leopard, Buff & PG
(Luangwa Valley)
21 Days Lion, Buff & PG
(Luangwa Valley)
14 Days Leopard, Buff & PG
(Luangwa Valley)
10 Days Elephant, Buff & PG
(Luangwa Valley)
7 Days Tuskless Elephant & PG without Buffalo
(Luangwa Valley)
10 Days Tuskless Elephant, Buff, Hippo, Croc & PG
(Luangwa Valley)
7 Days Buff & PG
(Luangwa Valley)
10 Days Buff & PG
(Luangwa Valley)
7 Days Hippo, Crog & PG
(Luangwa Valley)
7 Days Sable & PG
(Munfunta, Kafue Basin)
10 Days Sable Roan & PG
(Munfunta, Kafue Basin)
7 Days Sitatunga & PG
(Illinda, Kafue Basin)
10 Days Sitatunga, Sable & PG
(Illinda, Kafue Basin)
14 Days Leopard, Sitatunga, Sable & PG
(Illinda, Kafue Basin)

The above costs include: Daily rates for each safari being guided on a “1×1” basis, all government fees associated with each safari (i.e.: dip, pack and crate fees, government concession fees, hunting license and gun permits), airport reception and departure services, meals, lodging, daily laundry services, safari support staff and field care of your trophies.

The above costs DO NOT include: Your international travel expenses, in country air or ground charters if required to reach your hunting area, trophy fees for animal shot per the list below, professional hunter and support staff tips, hotels before, during or after your safari dates, and taxidermy fees associated with shipping your trophies home to be mounted.

Kafue Flats Lechwe Safaris The cost for this hunt is $5,000.00.

Included in our Kafue Lechwe Safaris: Meet and greet in Lusaka, your professional hunter (or hunters if your party is more than one), round trip ground transportation from Lusaka to the hunting area, meals, soft drinks and snacks, your license, gun permit, hunting area fees, your Kafue Lechwe trophy fee, field care and delivery of your trophy to our shipping agent.

Not Included in our Kafue Lechwe Safaris: Zambian entry visa of approximately $50.00 U.S.D. issued upon your arrival at the Lusaka International Airport, ammunition tax of $2.00 U.S.D. per round imported, lodging and meals in Lusaka, shipment of trophy to your final destination and staff tips.

Bangweulu Swamp Safaris The cost for this 7-day “1×1” guided hunt is $12,760.00

Included in our Bangweulu Swamp Safaris:Meet and greet service upon arrival in Lusaka, professional hunter, safari support staff, all ground transportation while in the hunting area, meals, lodging, daily laundry service, field care of trophies harvested and being escorted until departure from the Lusaka International Airport.

Not Included in our Bangweulu Swamp Safaris: Air charter flights from Lusaka to Bangweulu and return, ground transportation from Lusaka and return, Zambian Visa’s (approximately $50.00 U.S.D. issued upon arrival), ammunition tax of $2.00 per round imported, hotel expenses before or after safari dates, trophy fees for animals killed or wounded and lost, shipment of trophies to your final destination and staff tips.

All non-hunting observer fees are $350.00 per person/per day

Trophy Fees
Tuskless Elephant$6,500
C. Waterbuck$1,750
D. Waterbuck$3,000
Vervet Monkey$200
Cookson Wildebeast$4,500
Kafue Lechwe$5,000
Black Lechwe$5,000
Red Lechwe$7,000


Clothing and Equipment List Provided After Booking.


Clothing and Equipment List Provided After Booking.