Wes began working with the Ellis family 35 years ago,without a doubt this is a family run business.They settled and began guiding here in 1953,that’s more then 60 years of experience coupled with the fact that  this  fourth generation  lives in their guiding area year round ,ensures you a very memorable ,safe successful and fair chase hunt.

These hunts take place on the north side of the Wrangell Mountains in the Interior of Alaska, approximately a 300-mile drive from Anchorage, near Nabesna.

Your hunt will involve the use of Piper Super Cubs; these are high quality, high performance aircraft which have proven themselves throughout the years operated in remote, limited access fly-in locations. In addition to these, planes and horses are used in some camp locations. There are 12 cabins and dozens of spike camps scattered throughout the guiding area. Each camp location is comfortable and fully stocked with all equipment needed.

All hunts are guided on a “1×1” basis unless otherwise requested. All guides are licensed, highly trained professionals who are gentlemen and know their business. Dall Sheep and Moose hunting is their specialty. For years, our Dall Sheep hunters have enjoyed extremely high success rates. If you are in moderately good condition and can shoot reasonably well out to 300 yards, you should take a nice full curl or heavy broomed trophy Dall Ram. Each season we take several Rams measuring from 36 to 40 plus inches. Sheep season opens in early August and closes in late September.

The Alaska Yukon Moose is truly a great trophy. These giants of the tundra are extremely cunning and elusive; when a trophy Bull Moose is bagged, it is a trophy you can be very proud to have. Your guide will look for a Bull Moose with heavy palms and good eye guards. Most Bulls harvested here average from 58 to 62 inches. Most Moose hunts involve the use of horses, glassing from high ridges, calling, horn rattling and hunting from tree stands. Most often Moose hunters have a nice warm cabin to retire to at the end of each day’s hunt; however, if needed, tent camps are also used.

The Alaskan Interior Grizzly is without a doubt the most beautiful of all Bears. These Bears typically average approximately 7 feet; however, our hunters occasionally take Bears up to 9 feet. Normally, it takes time and a lot of patience to bag a Grizzly, but they are well worth the effort. This area has a very high population of Grizzlies. In fact, it is one of the areas that the Alaska Department of Game and Fish allows a hunter to take one Grizzly Bear annually, i.e. no 5-year waiting period between Bear harvest. We conduct Grizzly hunts in the Spring and Fall.

In addition to the Wrangell Mountains area, we have a Coastal Brown Bear hunting area near Cordova. These hunts take place in the Spring. The weather on the coast can be harsh and extremely wet. However, this is where the giant Brown Bears live. These hunts consist of rafting down rivers, glassing from high ridges and hiking streams and beaches. The average Brown Bear is 8.5 to 9.5 feet and on occasions we do take Brown Bears larger than 10 feet. This is an excellent place to combine Black Bear on the same hunt.



2020 Prices

Dall Sheep$22,000.00
Grizzly Bear$19,000.00 Spring & Fall
Brown Bear$20,000.00 (Includes Black Bear)
Black Bear “2×1”$5,500.00 Each
Combination Dall Sheep, Moose & Grizzly HuntPrice Upon Request

All hunts are guided “1×1” for 10 hunting days unless otherwise noted or requested. These prices include guides, meals, lodging, field care of game and airplane transportation relative to your hunt.

Non-Resident Hunting License and Species Tags Fees

Non-Resident Hunting License$160.00
Non-Resident Alien Annual Hunting License$630.00 USD
Non-Resident Alien Caribou$850.00
Non-Resident Alien Wolf$100.00
Brown/Grizzly Bear$1,000.00
Non-Resident Alien Brown/Grizzly Bear$1,300.00
Black Bear$450.00
Non-Resident Alien Black Bear$600.00
Non-Resident Alien Moose$1,000.00
Dall Sheep$850.00
Non-Resident Alien Dall Sheep$1,100.00
Non-Resident Alien Wolverine$500.00


Clothing and Equipment List Provided After Booking.


Clothing and Equipment List Provided After Booking.