Northern Cameroon hosts some of the best Lord Derby Eland hunting in Africa. Renowned for its Lord Derby Eland numbers, herds of 30 or more Eland are normally spotted each day. Good visibility and roads offer our guests less strenuous hunting and very high success rates. our hunts are scheduled around the animal rutting season, December through Mid-March, offering our hunters the best opportunity to harvest a big black necked trophy bull Eland. Many other species are encountered while hunting Lord Derby Eland such as: West African Savannah Buffalo, Western Roan, Harnessed Bushbuck, Western Hartebeest, Sing-Sing Waterbuck, Western Kob, Nigerian Bohar Reedbuck, Red River Hog, Warthog, Oribi, Red Flanked Duiker, Western Bush Duiker, Olive Baboon, Elephant and Lion.

Our safari area is located north-east of the Faro River, encompassing approximately 200,000 acres. The terrain is made up of mountains and plains, with several rivers crossing the area. Reaching camp from Garoua takes less than 3 hours drive by 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers. Meals are prepared fresh daily and special dietary requests can be met. Bottled water, soft drinks, beer and wine as well as daily laundry services are provided.

Each hunter is accompanied by one professional hunter, a team of trackers and porters. Spot and stalk and tracking are the preferred and practiced methods of hunting. Depending on commercial airline schedules arriving and departing Garoua, these safaris normally encompass 12 to 14 days; thus allowing 11 or 12 hunting days.

**PLEASE NOTE: Private air charters from Douala to Garoua can be arranged to accommodate guest schedules as needed.


Cameroon is a safe destination to visit. Our camp is located near the village of Koti Manga, less than 3 hours drive from Garoua mainly on asphalt roads. The camp is very nice with a million dollar view of the surrounding Savannah. Each guest’s “Boukarou” (chalet) has a private toilet, wash-basin, hot and cold shower, 220 volt electricity and air conditioning. Our first class cuisine is enjoyed in the dining room on a hill top that normally offers a cool breeze and a beautiful view.


12 Day Safari – 42,000 Euro

In addition to Giant Eland, Lion or Elephant, each hunter will be allowed to take either a Roan, Buffalo or Hippo from Group A. Also, up to 4 animals from Group B may be harvested based on available quotas when your safari is booked.

Group A:

AnimalTrophy FeesAnimalTrophy Fees
Lord Derby Eland€5,000Western Hartebeest€2,000
LionREQWestern Kob€2,000
Savannah ElephantREQHarnessed Bushbuck€1,500
Western Buffalo€3,500Warthog€900
Western Roan€3,500Red-Flank Duiker€900
HippoREQCommon Duiker€900
 Defassa Waterbuck€2500Orbi€900
  Nigerian Bohor Reedbuck€1,500
   Olive Baboon€500
  Small Cats€700
  Red River Hog€1,500

+15% community village tax applies on all trophy fees

Non-Hunting Daily Rate: 300€ per person/per day

These Prices Include:-Meet and greet, custom clearance in Garoua -Transfer to the hunting zone and return trip to above airport-Full board, staff’s services and laundry, house wine and drinks in camp in a reasonable limit included. camp water is free clean, safe, and good taste in Savannah. -PH and trackers, The use of additional fly camps and equipment, vehicles during the safari.

These Prices Do Not Include: International or air charter flights, Visa and temporary firearms importation license, government hunting license (approximately €1,500), travel or cancellation insurance, trophy fees for animals killed or wounded and lost, personal expenses, hotels before, during or after safari, professional hunter and staff tips, trophy fees, dipping, packing and shipping of trophies to Paris (€3,500) per permit, certificates of origin, veterinary certificate, CITES papers and customs clearing expenses by freight (Elephant must add €1,500 for each pair of tusk, €2,500 for skull, €750 for the feet and €1,500 for Hippo skull).

PLEASE NOTE: Only one of each species can be shot during the safari. Female and young cannot be harvested (double trophy fee will have to be paid) and a wounded animal not found is considered killed and the trophy fee will be due. Hunting permit, trophy fees, dip, pack and shipment are paid before the safari in Euro cash. Government fees are subject to change without any notice and the outfitter or agent cannot be held responsible for any cash changes.


Clothing and Equipment List Provided After Booking.


Clothing and Equipment List Provided After Booking.