A wingshooter’s paradise awaits you approximately 150 miles north of Buenos Aires in the province of Entre Rios, Argentina. The Parana River is South America’s second largest river flowing through Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina for over 3,000 miles eventually flowing into the Atlantic Ocean at Montevideo, Uruguay. The Entre Rios region along the Parana River – known as “Islands” – is made up of flat, open agricultural lands where settlers planted groves of eucalyptus trees to provide shade and cover for their cattle more than 100 years ago.


The “Islands” country is a huge agricultural country with “tens of thousands” of acres of soybeans, corn, wheat, and grain sorghum, making this region a year round home to millions of “Eared Dove” that are approximately the same size as our North American White Winged Dove. Dove season is open 365 days a year and hunters enjoy no daily limits!!


The flooded lands adjacent to the Parana River are recognized as some of the best duck shooting in the world. Decoyed duck shooting from portable blinds is the most common technique used. Duck shooting normally takes place every morning; however, if our guests prefer to hunt only ducks, shoots can be arranged for both morning and evening duck hunting (please inquire before booking). Each guest is given 5 boxes (125 rounds) of shotgun shells per duck shoot.


These birds are most often hunted over pointing dogs. Each guest is allowed 8 Perdiz per shoot.

Please note: Driven Giant Perdiz shoots can be arranged by prior request.

25 years of experience take you to the best wingshooting grounds in Argentina

One-stop mixed bag shooting destinations

Well planned logistics (short distances from our lodges to our shooting grounds)

Action-filled days, impeccable organization and highly competent guides place El Rincon and its sister Estancia, Santa Rosa, above all other regional lodges.


Typical Itinerary: Arrive at Buenos Aires in the morning, meet our lodge representative transfer to the lodge via our private van (approximately 2.5 hour drive) unpack, shower, have lunch and shoot doves that afternoon.

Day 2- Shoot Ducks AM…. Shoot Doves or Perdiz Pm

Day 3- Shoot Ducks AM…. Shoot Doves or Perdiz Pm

Day 4- Shoot Ducks AM…. Transfer back to Buenos Aires and fly home that evening or stay overnight and fly home as you wish.


El Rincon

At one time, Estancia El Rincon encompassed over three million acres, and was one of the largest in the country. We refurbished and upgraded the original home, which was built in 1890, to restore it to the glory of its early days. It offers 8 bedrooms, and can comfortably accommodate a group of up to 14 hunters.

Santa Rosa

Estancia Santa Rosa, located about 150 miles north of Buenos Aires & 40 miles west of the town of Qualequay located just off the Parana River, is a comfortable remodeled 100 year old Estancia accommodating 6 people in single occupancy rooms, or 12 people double occupancy. Food service at both lodges is provided by the on-site chefs, with Argentine beef, chicken and pasta serving as the main courses during your stay. Daily maid and laundry service is provided at the Estancias as well as Argentine beer, great Malbec wines, liquor, soft drinks, and bottled water.


Duck – Perdiz – Dove

Rate: $1,290.00 per person per day and that includes: meals, beer, wine, liquor, soft drinks, bottled water, all ground transportation from arrival until departure in Buenos Aires, beautiful accommodations, hunting license and duck waders.

Not included: Gun Rental: $70.00 per day, please feel free to request our gun rental inventory list. Gun permits if you wish to bring your own gun, approximately $110.00 per gun, shotgun shells (12 or 20 gauge $15.00 per box) gratuities ($70.00 per day suggested total for bird boys and staff tips )

Game Bird Limits:

Decoyed Ducks – each guest is given 4 boxes of shotgun shells (100 rounds) per duck shoot

Perdiz over digs- 8 birds per guest on each 1/2 day shoot

Dove -no limits, better shooting than the Cordoba area.

This is the perfect family, couples and friends trip.


For the shooting we recommend to use dark, green/brown or camo clothes with a corresponding hat. Ankle-height shoes or boots are perfectly adequate. Always take a raincoat to the field. Evening wear will be very informal (whatever is most comfortable), including hunting clothes if you wish.


For your convenience, various 12 and 20 gauge shotguns are available for rent at the estancias. If you rent you avoid the cost of the gun permit and the hassle of gun clearance at the airport.