A hidden treasure located in the Entre Rios province of Argentina (about 150 miles north of Buenos Aires) is home to Golden Dorado fishing on the Parana River and millions of Doves in the area. The flooded lands adjacent to the river is known as an incredible destination for high volume duck hunters while also offering mixed bag hunts for Dove & Perdiz. The number of Dove in this agricultural heartland of Argentina rival those of the better known Dove hunting areas of Cordoba, and the Dorado fishing is just now beginning to be “discovered.” In early February of 2017 an exploratory group of fly & conventional fishermen were sent to this area to sample the Golden Dorado fishing on the extensive waters of the Parana River. Fishing for several days they averaged 60+ Golden Dorados (upwards of 15 lbs on both fly and conventional tackle) while shooting several cases of shells in a ½ day hunt for Dove – all within a ½ hour drive from the Estancia! Due to these great results of the exploratory trip, we are now offering Blast & Cast trips for high volume Dove hunting and Golden Dorado fishing, as well as exclusive Golden Dorado fishing trips from November to late April each year. Come experience Argentina’s newest combination Dove and Golden Dorado paradise where success is high and competition is low to non-existent!


The Parana River is the 2nd largest river in South America traveling through Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina for over 3,000 miles eventually flowing into the River Plate and then the Atlantic Ocean at Montevideo, Uruguay. In the Entre Rio Provence north of Buenos Aires in an area called the “islands,” made up of flat open agricultural lands where settlers planted groves, “islands’ of Eucalyptus trees to provide shade and cover for their cattle over a hundred years ago, the marshes, flood plains and the main river itself provide a huge nursery for the hard fighting Golden Dorado. This area has long been overlooked by operators and sport fishermen and is just now beginning to be explored and opened the sport fisherman. Fishing is conducted with 2 anglers and an Argentinian guide in an 18 ft boat fishing the rips and seams of the current where the Dorado like to “stack up” and hold in both the main river and the flooded wetlands.


Golden Dorado eagerly strike big streamer type flies, black and dark flies being the favorite colors. You need to have a good number of flies with you as the toothy Dorado can make short work of a fly. Fishing is conducted from boats and thus the casting is unobstructed. 8 & 9 wt fly rods loaded with floating and/or sinking tips fly lines are the norm with 20 – 30 lb tippets sporting steel leaders being necessary as the Dorado have a mouthful of some rather impressive teeth.


Like most fish, Golden Dorado do 95% of their feeding subsurface. Hard plastic subsurface baits, both shallow and medium depth lures are the ticket such as Yo Zuri Crystal Minnows, Rapala and Pervasa type lures. Medium to medium heavy bait casting and/or spinning rods are necessary with reels the size of a Shimano Curado 200 bait casting reel or a Shimano 4000 class spinning reel loaded with 50 lb braided Kevlar line being ideal. Again, you will need 12’ inches or more of steel leader as the Dorado sport a mouthful of impressive teeth.


The “Islands” country of the Entre Rios Province of east-central Argentina is a huge agricultural area with tens of thousands of acres of Soy Beans, Maize, Corn and other gains in cultivation. As in the much better known dove hunting areas of central Argentina around Cordoba, the Islands agricultural area of the Entre Rios Province is home to millions of resident Dove. The Eared Dove of Argentina is about the size of our White Wing Dove and are great fliers. I have seen harvested grain fields with literally hundreds of thousands of Dove actively feeding in them! The big difference in Entre Rios province of east-central Argentina is there are basically no hunters and drive times of 15 – 20 minutes from the Estancia to the days hunting area is the norm, not up to an hour like they are in Cordoba where the hunting pressure is very heavy. Hunting is conducted on flyways between feeding areas and roosts of which there are several in the areas we hunt near the towns of Qualequay and Vitoria. Guns are available at the Estancias or you can bring your own shotguns as well.


El Rincon

At one time, Estancia El Rincon, which extended to over three million acres, was one of the largest in the country. River Plate refurbished and upgraded the original home, which was built in 1890, to restore it to the glory of its early days. It offers 8 bedrooms and 4 baths and can comfortably accommodate a group of up to 14 hunters.

Santa Rosa

Estancia Santa Rosa, located about 150 miles north of Buenos Aires & 40 miles west of the town of Qualequay located just off the Parana River, is a comfortably remodeled 100 yr old Estancia accommodating 6 people in single occupancy rooms or 12 people in double occupancy. Food service is provided by the on-site chef, with Argentine beef, chicken and pasta serving as the main courses during your stay. Daily maid and laundry service is provided at the Estancias as well as Argentine beer, great Malbec wines and bottled waters.


Our trips offering 4 full days of Golden Dorado fishing and high volume Dove hunting revolve around clients arriving in Buenos Aires (BA) on the morning of the first day of their trip. Several airlines offer non-stop flights to Buenos Aires from several major airports in the U.S., departing in the evening and arriving early to mid-morning in BA. Guests will be met when exiting customs at the airport, helped with clearing guns and then transported 3 hrs north by van to either Estancia Santa Rosa or El Rincon. Charter aircraft are available at an additional cost between BA and your Estancia. We can customize your trip to accommodate the 5 day Cast & Blast normal trip, Dorado fishing only trip or a Dove only trip. Our normal Cast & Blast trip itinerary is:


Day 1:Arrive at Buenos Aires in the morning from the U.S. You will be met at customs by a River Plate representative, helped clearing guns and then transported by van approx. 3 hrs north to either Estancia Santa Rosa or El Rincon. You will get settled in, have lunch and then be transported to your hunting area for an afternoon Dove Hunt. Around 5:00 pm you will be transported back to the Estancia for drinks and the evening meal.
Day 2:Breakfast at 7:00 am and at around 8:00 am be transported to your guide and boats for a day of Golden Dorado Fishing. You will fish for the day, returning to the Estancia around 5:00 for drinks and the evening meal.
Day 3:Breakfast at 7:00 am and around 8:00 you will be transported to your Dove hunting area for the morning hunt. Around 11:00 am you will either be transported back to your Estancia for lunch or have lunch in the field. You enjoy an afternoon Dove hunt, returning to the lodge around 5:00 pm for drinks and the evening meal.
Day 4:Breakfast at 7:00 am and at around 8:00 am be transported to your guide and boats for a day of Golden Dorado Fishing. You will fish for the day, returning to the Estancia around 5:00 for drinks and the evening meal.
Day 5:Breakfast at 7:00 am and at around 8:00 am you will be transported to your Dove hunting for a morning hunt. Around 11:00 am you will be transported back to your Estancia for lunch. Early afternoon you will be transported by van back to the Buenos Aires airport for your evening flight back to the US.


5 Day Cast & Blast trip (trips originating in Buenos Aires, Argentina) $3,250.00/person

We can customize your trip length and activities around your desires; if you would like schedule
your trip strictly around Golden Dorado fishing or Dove hunting inquire for pricing.


  • Meet and greet at the Buenos Aires Airport by an English-speaking member of our staff
  • All necessary ground transportation
  • 5 days and 4 nights lodging at one of our Estancias, single occupancy for 6 guests or double occupancy for 12
  • Daily Maid and Laundry service
  • Food prepared by our on-site chef
  • Argentine beer, wines, soft drinks and bottled water


  • Argentina gun entrance fee (if you choose to bring your own gun) $110.00/gun
  • Argentina hunting license/permits fee $180.00
  • Shot shells for 12 & 20 ga $15.00/box
  • 28 & 410 shells are also usually available, inquire for price
  • Gratuities suggested $70.00/day
  • Gun Rental $70/day
  • Items of a personal nature & phone calls.

A deposit of 50% of the trip price is needed to confirm your trip reservation. Deposits and balances are non-refundable unless client finds a replacement.