Black Bear


British Columbia, Canada

Quite frankly, we do not book you for these hunts if you are not in “sheep shape.” For more than 40 years, this family operated outfitting business has offered horseback hunts and wilderness adventures in British Columbia’s Northeast Rocky Mountains. This family and their experienced guides…



Boat Based Hunts & Fishing

If you have considered going on a coastal brown bear hunt, cunducted from the comfort of a modern boat, this is a quality hunt and trip. Each of our hunters will be guided on a 1×1 basis, having your own guide and skiff to take you out and hunt separate locations. Your Brown Bear will be hunted on…



Saskatchewan – White-tailed Deer, Black Bear, Goose and Duck Shooting

The parkland area of Saskatchewan has a very diverse ecosystem, for example the forest consists of spruce, tamarack, aspen, white and black poplar, and willows of several varieties. The terrain is rolling with swamps, marshes and numerous lakes and streams. Because of this diversity we are fortunate to have an abundance of deer, bear and waterfowl along with numerous other species.