Two lucky travelers will embark on a 5-day world-class photographic safari in two exclusive private areas of Botswana’s Okavango Delta – Meraka Trails and Qorokwe. Spanning over 189,943 acres, these areas boast a maximum of three vehicles per area allowed for game viewing at any time and wild, roaming animals and birds.

Enjoy luxurious wilderness accommodations, delicious cuisine, and impeccable service. 

One can’t-miss opportunity is the night game viewing as cape buffalo herds number in the thousands in Meraka Trails. The largest recorded image of a cape buffalo herd in history was captured here, totaling 4,253 cape buffalo. Every night prides of lions stalk these herds, separating them into smaller groups and making a kill. A night drive could allow you to witness one of Africa’s most unforgettable experiences – battles between hyenas and lion prides over their kill. This viewing is not for the faint of heart as it shows nature laid bare.

However, should you choose to enjoy a peaceful night observing leopards, servals, and numerous other animals that prefer to frequent the darkness; we will gladly focus on this.

In 2022, our group observed and captured 24 species of wildlife and countless birds.

Trip itinerary: 

Day 1: Board a Cessna Caravan and fly approximately 20 minutes to an airstrip, then board a helicopter for an incredible 15-minute flight to Meraka Trails Camp 

Day 2: Enjoy the Meraka Trails area. 

Day 3: Transfer via helicopter back to the airstrip and fly approximately 10 minutes to Qorokwe Camp. You will enjoy a full day of activities split between these areas. 

Day 4: Spend at Qorokwe Camp 

Day 5: Transfer back to Maun from Qorokwe Camp via Cessna Caravan 

The total cost for this trip, including all flights, accommodations, meals, and drinks (excluding staff tips), is $20,747.00, with a minimum reserve bid of $13,800.00. Additional days can be added at normal rates.