Mozambique – Untrammeled Africa
NLS LDA/SAFARI LANDIA is established safari operator with diverse strengths, able to cater not only to the serious hunter but also to his family and the adventure seeker who wants to experience Mozambique in its entirety. Not only do we offer classical hunting but we strive to combine this with the best of the country’s sights, beaches, big game fishing, culture and history.

Mozambique is the classic Africa of old, vast concessions in extreme conditions – remote and untouched – with dangerous game trophies which are nothing short of spectacular. Despite a rough start to the Safari industry in this country, reliable and trusted operators are now gaining a foothold and we are pleased to offer this piece of old Africa to our clients without reserve or hesitation.

We invite you to join our safari team on the adventure of a lifetime to one of Africa’s undiscovered hunting destinations – Mozambique!

We offer classical hunting and combine this with the best of the country’s sights, beaches, fresh water tigerfish fishing, largemouth bass fishing, salt water sport fishing, culture and history. Mozambique is the classic Africa of old; vast concessions in extreme conditions, remote and untouched with dangerous game trophies which are nothing short of spectacular. Despite a rough start to the safari industry in this country after a 17-year-long civil war that was finally resolved in 1992, multi-party elections were then held in October 1994 with Frelimo (the dominate political party) emerging as victorious. Mozambique then joined the common wealth in 1995 and continues to build its stability by promoting foreign investment and tourism. We invite you to join our safari team who have made Mozambique their home for approaching 13 years on the adventure of a lifetime this season.

Chiridzi & Chiputo Tete – Mozambique
We are extremely pleased to announce our hunting portfolio in Mozambique, a 1.2 Million acre hunting reserve, in the heart of big game country in the north western part of the country. Lying in the foothills of the Luangwa and Zambezi valleys, this area consists of Miombo forests interspersed with Mopani woodland and open grasslands which support a healthy family of big game species. These include the big boys – Lion, Elephant, Leopard and Buffalo as well as Roan, Sable, Kudu, Eland, Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest, common Waterbuck, chobe Bushbuck, Impala, Reedbuck, common and red duiker, Bush pig, Warthog, Hippo, Crocodile and Hyena. Hunters must be willing to walk, terrain is tough and not easy hunting, this is proper hunting. No expense on charter planes as Tete international airport is only 3 hours drive to camp. With daily flights from Johannesburg.

5 Day Crocodile Hunts

Mucanha/Extensoa Chiputo Tete – Lake Cahora Bassa

Our new area on the lake covers an area of 400,000 acres and 58km of lake shore. Exceptional Crocodiles with averages of 13ft and above. The biggest for 2018  was 16ft. This camp also offers Tigerfishing while on your hunt. Only a 4:30 minute drive from Tete airport.


Guests will stay in traditional tent or thatch style lodging. Each is equipped with flush toilets and running water.


2020 Rates

5 Day Crocodile Safari1×1 Crocodile SafariDaily Rate: $8,690.00

 Trophy Fee included…

 6 Day Crocodile & Hippo1×1 Croc / Hippo SafariDaily Rate: 14,400.00

 Trophy Fee Included.

18 Day Lion Safari1×1 Lion Safari   TeteDaily Rate: $20,000.00
16 Day Elephant1×1 Elephant Hunt   TeteDaily Rate: $16,000.00
14 Day Leopard1×1 Leopard Hunt   TeteDaily Rate: $21,600.00

 Trophy Fee Included

7 Day Buffalo1×1 Buffalo Hunt   TeteDaily Rate: $17,250.00

 Trophy Fee Included

2020 Trophy Fees (these include permit fees)

Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest$2,500.00Livingstone Eland$3,500.00
Common Duiker$450.00Hyena$1,400.00
Kudu$2,800.00Bush Pig$580.00
Common Waterbuck$2,800.00Elephant$17,000.00
Chobe Bushbuck$1,200.00Baboon Olive$150.00
Common Reedbuck$990.00Zebra/ Craw shays$3,000.00

Safari Includes:

  • Licensed, experienced professional hunter
  • Trackers, skinners and support staff
  • All concession and  Hunting license fees
  • Fully serviced and staffed en-suite West African style accommodations
  • Well equipped 4×4 Land Cruiser
  • Complete meals and local beverages and mineral water
  • Transport from Tete airport to camp and back

Safari Excludes:

  • Trophy fees for any game killed or wounded unless stated otherwise in package
  • Pre and post safari hotel accommodation, if required
  • Rifle license: $150.00 per rifle
  • Dip, pack & crating and exporting of trophies
  • All items and services of a personal nature
  • Any specialty brands of liquor
  • Gratuities for camp staff

Additional Fees: *Please note that as per standard safari practice, the following fees will apply*

  • Pre-baiting LEOPARD – $600.00
  • Pre-baiting LION – $1,200.00
  • Dip, pack and crating of trophies – Approx. $2,000.00 per client AND $3,500.00 for any elephant feet, panels, ears or complete trophy mount
  • Shipping and export documentation as per the taxidermist prices in Tete – We will put you in touch with them prior to the start of your safari
  • Visa into Mozambique – $75.00 (Obtainable at entry point but advised to get it from your nearest Mozambique Embassy for hunters coming overseas)

About our trophy selection process: We are committed to the long term conservation of the hunting reserve and carefully select only mature males for hunting – no females or immature animals may be taken, regardless of the situation. Lion trophies are restricted to males of 6 years or older and the decision and call on this is at the sole discretion of your professional hunter. Their decision must be accepted and adhered to and there will be no refunds of any safari fees relating to this decision. Any mature male lion found to be with females who are lactating, have cubs or appear to be pregnant WILL NOT be allowed to be taken – there are no arguments on this issue! Elephant ivory from Mozambique is NOT ALLOWED to be imported into the United States. Other countries are allowed to import ivory from Mozambique – inquire with us before you book your hunt.


Clothing and Equipment List Provided After Booking.


Clothing and Equipment List Provided After Booking.