These hunts are conducted on private and public land in Colorado.

All hunts are guided 1×1 with 5 days of hunting. 

A typical day of hunting is as follows:

  • Depart the motel approximately one hour before day-break
  • Hunt until late morning or noon
  • Return to town and have lunch
  • Take a nap or just relax mid-day
  • Return to the field to hunt from early afternoon until dark

***Please Note***

If you have three or more Colorado preference points, you should draw a mule deer license here, thus saving you the cost of the land voucher permit. Hunters normally experience 100% opportunities on trophy class mule deer annually. Most of these deer are scoring in the 170-200 inch range.  For example; in the 2018 hunting season 16 trophy mule deer hunters killed 14 bucks from the low 170’s all the way up to 210 B&C inches.

April 1st is the deadline to apply for a mule deer tag


Hunters stay in a motel and have meals in restaurants.


5 Day guided hunt  1×1  cost is $5,500.00 plus the cost of your land voucher permit. These vouchers range in price from $2,250.00 to $3,750.00.


A list will be provided after your trip is booked.


A list will be provided after your trip is booked.