Join International Wildlife Artist Peter Stewart At The 21st Annual Open House

Join International Wildlife Artist Peter Stewart At The 21st Annual Open House

We are very excited to announce Peter Stewart – international award winning wildlife artist from Durban, South Africa – is planning on attending our 21st Annual Office Open House. This will be Peter’s first trip to the United states and Wes is “over the moon” excited about having him here. People in our area – you do not want to miss this opportunity.

About Peter Stewart

Peter Stewart is a South African wildlife artist who has developed an international reputation for his highly representational wildlife art. Growing up in South Africa, he became interested in wildlife and the African bush from an early age. Peter has always had a passion for wildlife and the African bush and has spent many months traveling and experiencing the continent from Cape Town to Cairo. His self-taught skills as a highly accomplished artist have come through his own initiative and has spent many hours studying and practicing his craft.

Peter has a deep respect for the knowledge and sensitivities of the past and has spent time visiting museums as well as establishing relationships with contemporary painters in Africa, the UK and the USA. Peter has been able to sift through the vast amount of information, be selective, and utilize what’s necessary to achieve an impact that speaks about a personal experience with his subjects. His paintings emote, and convey a care and sensitivity that is only achieved from knowing the subject matter intimately. Utilizing subtle value and temperature shifts, fine draughtsmanship, and pure intuition, Peter weaves a world of breathable air and tactile forms.

In 2017, Peter won the David Shepherd wildlife artist of the year animal category and was accepted as a signature Member to the prestigious Society of Animal Artists in the USA.

Golden Boy

Oil on Canvas

32 inches x 26 inches

If you would like to own one of Peter’s works of art, you will have an opportunity to place a bid on “Golden Boy” at Wes Hixon’s 21st Annual Open House.

Peter’s Art