Experience the Thrill of Hunting Zambia’s Majestic Sable

Experience the Thrill of Hunting Zambia’s Majestic Sable

Join Peter Chipman, a renowned guide and expert, on a once-in-a-lifetime sable hunting adventure in the Mufunta region of Zambia.

Many of our attendees have already had the pleasure of hunting with Peter, Sarge, and Stacie and have seen some of the largest black sable bulls in Africa. You, too, can expect to harvest a sable of exceptional quality, with our co-chairman having taken one measuring 48.5 inches!

The 7-day Zambia Trophy Sable Safari package is priced at $21,900 and includes all daily rates, meals, lodging, guides, sable trophy fee, government license and concession fees, dip pack, and crate fees.

The safari must be scheduled during the 2024 hunting season on available dates.

Please note that the package does not cover round trip ground transportation from Lusaka to Mufunta ($1,000.00) or a private air charter ($2,650.00) each way, trophy fees for additional plains game, travel expenses to Zambia, pre- or post-safari hotels, staff tips, or alcohol.

For those interested in a more extensive hunt, upgrade this safari to include roan antelope and leopard, subject to the available quota.