Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing

Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the Amazon rainforest and experience the thrill of catching one of the world’s most sought-after gamefish – the Peacock Bass!

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip outside of Manaus, Brazil, where the lush, vibrant rainforest meets the pristine waters of the Amazon River. Guided by experienced fishing guides, you’ll set out on a journey to reel in these magnificent creatures, known for their vibrant colors and fierce fighting spirit.

Normally your journey begins on a Tuesday in Manaus, the largest city in the Amazon. After breakfast you’ll transfer to our charter airport for a short 25-minute flight to a town called Novo Olinda. In a few minutes after landing, you’ll be on the Amazon Lord – a craft that has boated some of the best fish to come out of the Amazon. *Please note we only fish tannin stained water. Why? Mosquitos cannot live or reproduce in tannin waters.*

Your English-speaking manager will assign your suites for the week, including private hot and cold showers, individual air conditioning, and mini-refrigerators in all the rooms. Shortly after arrival, you’ll embark on the Amazon with lunch served while the guides prepare all your tackle and ice chests with your beverages of choice. You’ll fish until the following Monday, with departure on Tuesday.

The typical trip price is $5,700.00 per person and covers all transfer and charter flights in Brazil, hotel for arrival and departure days, rods, reels, and tackle.

There are two options to arrive in Manaus, so discuss with Wes the best option for you and your party.

This trip includes the cost for two guests. However, 6 additional guests can come along at same cost as our bid winners. The plane seats 8 guests total. If 6 additional guests book, your group will enjoy the exclusivity of the Amazon Lord.

If we have a group of 16 fishing guests, we will reserve both of the yachts!! This trip is valid for the 2023-2024 prime season, October until mid-December annually.