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F or more than two decades, Wes has worked exclusively with Alex and Cheryl Monahan of Doughboy Safaris. Alex is a New Zealand Registered Professional hunting guide, and this is of utmost importance when considering a trip to New Zealand. Wes has personally hunted and fished with Alex and Cheryl many times on both the north and south islands.

alex--cheryl.jpgMost hunts take place on the South Island near the town of Murchison. Both free range and fenced ranch hunts are available for most species and are conducted on either private land or in the Southern Alps. We welcome both archery and gun hunters. The point of arrival and departure is Nelson. Accommodations are absolutely first class whether you stay at the beautiful Doughboy Lodge, private cottages or bed and breakfast units. 

Alex and Cheryl completed construction on their new lodge in 2006, which is of highest standards.  Without a doubt a beautiful place, with a million dollar view.  In addition the lodge offers the luxury of stepping out of your room into the hunting area.  Meals are served at the lodge and laundry service is provided.  All hunts are guided "1x1" unless otherwise requested. 

This is a perfect couples getaway with many activities for non-hunting guest such as hiking, sight-seeing, helicopter trips, horseback riding, golfing, gold-panning, jet-boating, river-rafting and shopping at a large number of art and craft outlets or the usual shopping centers. Non-hunting guests are welcome and cost $175 per day.

Hunt Time Required
Red Stag
2 Days
2 Days
Fallow Deer
2 Days
4 Days
4 Days
Combined Tahr and Chamois
7 Days
Combined Red Stag, Tahr and Chamois    7 Days
Goat, Ram or Boar
1 Day each
Sika Deer
5 Days
Combined Red Stag, Goat, Ram and Boar 4 Days
Duck and Goose hunting
3 Days
Turkey hunting
3 Days
Trout fishing
3 Days

**Please Note**  We can combine big game hunting, wing shooting and Trout fishing.

anderson-turkey-hunt-march-.jpg anderson-hunt-march-2012.jpg


Daily Rates (prices per person per day) 2014
"1x1" Guided Big Game Hunting & Fly Fishing         $500
Non-Hunting Observers $175
"2x1" Guided Wing Shooting
Duck hunting


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jim-hunnicutt-mar-09-016.jpg img_0016_-_2.jpg


The Following Trophy Fees Are Due After Harvest Or Wound Of Each Animal:   2014
Red Stag - (400 to 419 SCI points)                   POR
Red Stag - (380 to 399 SCI points) $10,000
Red Stag - (363 to 379 SCI points) $8,000
Red Stag - (340 to 362 SCI points) $6,000
Red Stag - (320 to 339 SCI points) $4,000
Fallow Deer - Gold Medal $3,000
Elk - Gold Medal (363 to 379 SCI points) $8,000
Elk - Silver Medal (340 to 362 points) $6,000
*Tahr $3,000
*Chamois $2,500
Goat $750
Ram $750
Boar $750
Sika Deer $2,500
Turkey $150

*Please note: Helicopters are used to hunt Tahr and Chamois in the wild unless otherwise requested. The use of a helicopter will save days of walking and climbing in the mountains. Helicopter cost runs approximately $1,500 per hour. Most often both animals can be harvested in 1 hours flying time. However, we advise all of our clients to be prepared to pay 1 hours flying time for each of these animals. Should you prefer to hunt Tahr and/or Chamois on a private ranch, please inquire about the trophy fees for each.

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Lodging new-zealand-017.jpg

Fully modern private cottages and beautiful bed and breakfast units in country settings and NOW the new lodge will offer the luxury to step out of your room right onto the hunting concession.





Additional Information and Requirementsnew-zealand-072.jpg

  • $25/ New Zealand Dollars upon arrival for each gun permit (we have loaner guns available upon request).
  • $20/ U.S. Dollars for international airport departure fees. United States residents are not required to have any special vaccinations to visit New Zealand at this time.
  • Upon booking your trip our office will provide a detailed information package that includes travel documents and a suggested clothing list.


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Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend the purchase of Travel Insurance. Contact our office to purchase the insurance.